Frequently Asked Questions


There are two ways to search for trademarks.

  • Simple Search – Enter a serial number (8 digit) or registration number (5 to 7 digits) or type a trademark’s name/title and the matching trademarks are retrieved.
  • Advanced Search – Enter Mark Name and/or Owner Name and/or Attorney. These fields provide more control over your search queries.



No. You can search for trademark one at a time via Simple or Advanced Search and will show 100 results.


A Bookmark is a way to group your favorite trademarks. Use the Bookmarks tab to save and receive notifications on status change. Create folders to group your bookmarks into logical partitions. Note that you can add a particular trademark to only one folder at a given time.

Click on Bookmarks at the bottom of the screen and it will bring up all the saved trademarks grouped under the Bookmark Folder.

Yes. Bookmark Folder item can be swiped (to the left) to delete or edit the Name and Description.


The system keeps monitoring the status of trademarks that you have bookmarked. When a change in status is detected, alerts are issued in the form of mobile notification and emails (if configured).
All trademarks that have been updated will be displayed in the Alerts tab. You can swipe on an item to dismiss and remove it from this page.

To enable or disable mobile notifications use your phone settings. To enable or disable email notifications use the Settings tab on the app.

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